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Last Remnant

Companie: Square Enix
Data Lansarii: 20-Mar-2009
Platforma: PC,XBOX360, PS3
Gen: RPG
Descrierea oficiala: In ancient times, mysterious artefacts referred to as Remnants were discovered all over the world. Offering incredible power, they soon came into the hands of the covetous few, and thus was the worlds delicate equilibrium shattered. The people were divided into those who ruled and those who were ruled over. War was inevitable. Our story begins a thousand years later

Rush lives with his sister Irina on the secluded Eulam Island, a place far removed from the ceaseless battle for control over the Remnants which rages on the mainland. However, his peaceful life is shattered one day when he witnesses his sisters abduction by a mysterious group of soldiers. He immediately sets off after them, ill-prepared for the evils of the outside world but determined to find his sister at any cost.

  • A new adventure from Square Enix and the creators of the FINAL FANTASY series
  • Innovative new battle system that allows for large scale battles delivered with an unrivalled cinematic intensity
  • Selective Encounter System allows you to engage the enemy your way, eliminating random battles
  • Fully localised for PAL territories with French, German, Spanish and Italian subtitles and menu screens, Games for Windows version includes the option to select Japanese or English voice-overs
  • New features not included in the original Xbox 360 release version include:
  • Ability to form unions with multiple leader units
    • Autosave and normal save functions available between consecutive battles
    • Graphical weapon previews assist players with weapon selection
    • New allied characters to aide players in battle
    • Improved character animations
    • Increased speed of gameplay in battle sequences


  Last Remnant

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